• Fuel Cards for Small Businesses

    From local petrol price offers through to reduced operating costs and improved cashflow, an Esso Card™ fuel card offers many benefits towards fuel cards for small businesses.

    Sign up for an Esso Card™ from WEX Europe Services and you’ll unlock lower fuel costs.

    And because your fuel spending is covered in one consolidated, HMRC-compliant invoice, with the fuel card services you’ll spend less time on administrative tasks – meaning you can enjoy peace of mind, concentrate on growing your business, and serve your customers better than ever.

  • Small business fleet management made easy

    Fuel cards for small businesses comes with local pricing offers, so with Esso Card™ . you can support other nearby businesses as part of your daily practice.

    With fuel cards UK you’ll get discounted rates at a selection of local petrol stations, and our extensive network means you’ve always got a local partner you can trust.

    Best of all, with fuel card services, there’s no hassle of regularly reimbursing cash to your drivers – so your cashflow stays in better shape.

    With Esso card fuel card wherever you buy your fuel, it all feeds into your online reporting – ideal if you’ve got big growth ambitions.

  • Even more benefits of the Esso Card™ for small businesses

    With an Esso Card fuel card you can also benefit from:

    • Extra loyalty points at participating sites – your drivers can top up their Tesco Clubcards at participating sites.
    • Sparkling vehicles that build your brand when you use your fuel card UK to pay for car wash services.
    • Happy, more effective drivers, by using the fuel card to also pay for shop goods.