Competitive pricing and easy invoicing

Switching to Esso Card™ could transform your business.

With the combination of competitive pricing and range of payment options we can help you save money and enable you to spend more on your fleet and improve your customer service.

With clear, concise billing and HMRC-approved invoices, we make keeping on top of fuel spend easy and hassle free enabling you to focus on improving your business and serving your customer’s needs.

Esso Card™ helps you to grow your business by saving you time and money. Learn more about fuel card benefits for your business.


Manage your fleet online

Online account management allows at a glance monitoring, invoicing and reporting with just the touch of a button so you can easily budget and keep track of all Esso card fuel card spend.

Traditional pay and reclaim methods can result in piles of complicated administration, whereas Esso Card™ ensures all transactions are listed on one simple VAT-approved invoice – just one of the many fuel card benefits.


Ensure you’re never far from a fill-up

Esso Card™ gives you access to an extensive network of filling stations and fuel card services across the UK and Europe, providing full vehicle cleaning facilities.

Fuel card services and stations includes specialist sites for trucks with raised canopies, dedicated lanes, high-speed diesel pumps, separate parking and 24 hour facilities.


Reduce potential exposure to suspicious activity

Esso Card™ comes with PIN protection and can be linked to a specific vehicle or driver, ensuring no one outside the company can use it.

With Esso card fuel card every drop of fuel is tracked and accounted for. And if you do spot any suspicious transactions, cards can be blocked remotely.

As an extra security measure, with the fuel card benefits, we also have a dedicated monitoring team to help spot suspicious transactions.


Collect Tesco Clubcard points

An Esso Card™ fuel card UK allows your drivers to earn Tesco Clubcard points when they fill up at an Esso-branded filling station.

Points can be collected on petrol and diesel purchases at the majority of Esso fuel card service stations across the UK, and also at many sites when you shop or use the car wash.  Find out more about our loyalty program.


Benefit from our UK based Customer Service

All Esso card fuel card customers will gain from fuel card benefits with our fuel cards UK Esso Card™ helpdesk.

Our experienced and professional staff will offer you and your drivers all the assistance you need.