3,600+ UK Sites

13,300+ Sites across Europe

4,550+ HGV sites

7,500+ 24h sites

700+ Motorway sites

Coverage of major trunk roads, borders and ports

Extensive acceptance so drivers are never far from a refuel

Network also includes partner sites like Shell, BP, G&V and Avia depending in which country you are travelling

Specialist truck sites with raised canopies and high-speed diesel pumps

Use Esso Card™ Europe to pay at European toll roads

The quick route to improved efficiency

The extent of our fast-growing network of fuel stations accepting Esso Card™ means that your drivers will never be far from their next refuelling stop.

This makes route planning far easier and more efficient. And, as drivers won’t have to make any long and costly deviations from their set path to find fuel, deliveries to your customers will be quicker.

Simple network navigation

Finding your way around our comprehensive UK and European fuel network is easier with free route mapping via e-route.

Available in a desktop version or as an app for smartphones, e-route is quick and simple to use, making it the ideal tool for both fleet managers and drivers.

With easy-to-navigate UK and European maps showing available fuel stations where Esso Card™ can be used, it puts an end to inefficient route deviations and allows drivers to get to their destination as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

Discover a smarter way to pay with Esso Card™