About WEX Europe Services issuer of Esso Card™

WEX Europe Services, the owner of the Esso Card™ fuel card portfolio, is one of Europe’s largest providers of fuel cards uk, supplying small, medium and large businesses throughout Europe with fuel card services. Our portfolio of fuel card services includes; Esso card fuel card, BP fuel card and Shell fuel card.

Our roots go back to 2012 when WEX Inc., a US-based provider of payment processing and information management services, and Radius Payment Solutions, a fuel card uk based provider, recognised the potential to take the European fuel card market to another level.

The two partners joined forces to bid to acquire the Esso Card™ portfolio from ExxonMobil, and were awarded the business in June 2013. Following this success, WEX and Radius formally established a joint venture in September 2013, WEX Europe Services to supply fuel card services to the European market.

Our reputation is built on the highest standard of service. Our Esso card fuel card is a tailored fuel card services solution which is designed to match the fuel needs of each business that we work with – whatever the size.

Great customer service is vital to ensure the development of our business relationships, which is why the WEX Europe Services’ customer service team is dedicated to continuous improvement.

We are fuel card services specialists who take pride in offering the highest standard of services to our customers, from small businesses to multinational businesses, our customers trust us to supply them with the highest quality fuel cards and additional services at consistently competitive prices. Learn more about the benefits of Esso Card fuel card.

They rely on our knowledgeable teams to create the right solution for them, our network of petrol stations for refuelling, our dependable online servicing to manage their accounts and additional services that keep them on the road. Get in touch with our knowledgeable team.

With us, you’re never far away from a fill-up.

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