• Esso Card™ for international businesses operating in Europe

    From switching driving sides to navigating foreign road signs, handling different currencies and understanding different motoring laws, operating across the UK and Europe presents challenges for all drivers in international businesses.

    But one thing that won’t be difficult is filling up – as long as you’re using Esso Card™ fuel card. Our wide network of fuelling stations across the continent means you can enjoy the cost savings that come from more efficient route planning. There are no long deviations to find a service station, because with Esso Card™ you’re never far from a fill-up.

    All your invoices are prepared in accordance with the Sixth EU VAT Directive, which reduces the hassle of month-end accounting.

    And because your invoices are consolidated, fuel cards make it much simpler to manage the costs of running an international business. You’ll receive a single-currency bill that reduces your administrative burden, meaning you and your staff are free to focus on what really matters in helping your business grow.

  • Benefits of the Esso Card™ for international businesses

    Enjoy peace of mind and transparency when you manage your account online with our state-of-the-art monitoring and management services. You can view the fuel use of a specific driver, vehicle or card, while the customisable reports enable you to analyse the information in line with the most relevant metrics for your business.

    And by using Esso Card™ fuel card instead of carrying cash, you’re also helping to increase the safety and security of your drivers – especially those in large and heavy-duty vehicles.

    Your drivers will be happier, too. With e-route, the specialised site locator and route planner we provide, drivers can plan routes more efficiently and find service stations with specific facilities like HGV accessibility, 24-hour opening hours, food, or shower rooms – perfect for ensuring you reach customers as quickly as possible and comply with the EC Driving Hours Directive.

  • Get an Esso Card™ and you’ll also enjoy:

    • Quicker access to your customers with hassle-free toll payments and improved route planning.
    • Some of the best prices on truck parking in France, Belgium and Norway, and the security that comes with parking through a trusted network of sites.
    • Sparkling vehicles that build your brand and meet health and safety regulations when you use your Esso Card™ to pay for car wash services.
    • Happy drivers who are ready to keep your business on the go when you include shop purchases from the filling station on your Esso Card™.

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