Fee Tariff

Fee TypeAmountDescriptionFrequencyHow ChargedEffective Date
Card£3.00/£36.00Charge for card manufacturing, distribution, and ongoing maintenance.Monthly/AnnuallyPer Card01.01.20
Lost / Stolen / Damaged Card Replacement£15.00In the event that a customer requires a replacement cardPer RequestPer Card01.12.16
Paper Invoice£8.00Charge to cover printing and dispatch, free via emailPer InvoicePer Invoice / On Request01.01.21
Copy Receipt£10.00To cover the cost of retrieving a copy receiptPer ReceiptPer Account01.12.16
Returned Direct Debit Administration Fee£55.00For any returned or reclaimed Direct Debits, a charge is applied to cover the administration to recover the value outstandingPer Returned DDPer Returned DD01.12.16
Late Payment£20.00To cover the cost of any late payments other than direct debit collectionsPer EventPer Account01.12.16
Non Fuel PurchasesUp to 20%In order to enable the purchase of Non Fuel items a surcharge of up to 20% will be appliedPer TransactionPer Purchase01.12.16
Transaction Query£15.00To cover the administration of a request to investigate a transactionPer RequestPer Account01.12.16
International Transaction3.00%To cover the costs of processing and invoicing international transactionsPer TransactionPer Purchase01.07.17
Reciprocal Sites and Partners3.00%To cover the costs of card acceptance charges at non-Esso branded sitesPer TransactionPer Purchase01.07.17
Toll TransactionsUp to 5%Management fees associated with motorway toll payment servicesPer TransactionPer Purchase01.03.16
Eco MilesUp to £2
per card
Applied to all accounts as part of the carbon offsetting schemeMonthlyPer active card01.06.17
Administration Fee£18Applied to accounts that have drawn less than 300 litres of fuel in the previous monthMonthlyPer Account01.01.21
Inactive Account Fee£45Applied to accounts that have not had any card transactions in the previous 3 monthsQuarterlyPer Account01.07.19

Note: In accordance with the General Terms & Conditions, WEX Europe Services (UK) Ltd. reserve the right to apply fees up to the values depicted in the table. Fees charged to individual customers may vary, but shall not exceed the rates depicted above.