Fee Type Amount Description Frequency How Charged Effective Date
Card £3.00/£36.00 Charge for card manufacturing, distribution, and ongoing maintenance. Monthly/Annually Per Card 01.01.20
Lost / Stolen / Damaged Card Replacement £15.00 In the event that a customer requires a replacement card Per Request Per Card 01.12.16
Paper Invoice £8.00 Charge to cover printing and dispatch, free via email Per Invoice Per Invoice / On Request 01.01.21
Copy Receipt £10.00 To cover the cost of retrieving a copy receipt Per Receipt Per Account 01.12.16
Returned Direct Debit Administration Fee £55.00 For any returned or reclaimed Direct Debits, a charge is applied to cover the administration to recover the value outstanding Per Returned DD Per Returned DD 01.12.16
Late Payment £20.00 To cover the cost of any late payments other than direct debit collections Per Event Per Account 01.12.16
Non Fuel Purchases Up to 20% In order to enable the purchase of Non Fuel items a surcharge of up to 20% will be applied Per Transaction Per Purchase 01.12.16
Transaction Query £15.00 To cover the administration of a request to investigate a transaction Per Request Per Account 01.12.16
International Transaction 3.00% To cover the costs of processing and invoicing international transactions Per Transaction Per Purchase 01.07.17
Reciprocal Sites and Partners 3.00% To cover the costs of card acceptance charges at non-Esso branded sites Per Transaction Per Purchase 01.07.17
Toll Transactions Up to 5% Management fees associated with motorway toll payment services Per Transaction Per Purchase 01.03.16
Eco Miles Up to £2
per card
Applied to all accounts as part of the carbon offsetting scheme Monthly Per active card 01.06.17
Administration Fee £18 Applied to accounts that have drawn less than 300 litres of fuel in the previous month Monthly Per Account 01.01.21
Inactive Account Fee £45 Applied to accounts that have not had any card transactions in the previous 3 months Quarterly Per Account 01.07.19