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Why Choose Esso?

At Esso, we're on a continuous journey to make our fuels work hard for you. We believe it's a journey worth taking, which is why our fuels help to provide not just one, but many important benefits. Together, these benefits can help to bring you an improved driving experience.

All of our fuels have been developed to help improve your engine's overall performance which can also help to improve your fuel economy. This is one more way our fuels work hard for you every day. And one more reason to refuel at Esso.

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Access to an Extensive Network Across the UK and Europe

With Esso card, you'll get access to thousands of high quality sites across the UK and Europe. Our convenient opening times and fast refuelling service help keep your vehicles and your business on the move. And if your drivers need to fill up, they'll find a range of food and refreshing drinks at over 6,000 Esso branded service stations across Europe. In the UK, Esso Card™ has been bolstered with BP-Esso cross acceptance that provides BP, Esso and current partner, Shell, service stations accepting payment via the Esso Card™ fuel card. Esso CardTM gives you access to more than 2,050* fuelling sites across the UK now includes acceptance at over 1,270* BP sites.

European map
Countries where you can use your Esso card at Esso Stations
Supporting countries where Esso card can be used at partner stations
*Including non-Esso partner sites that accept Esso card
Countries Number of Esso Service Stations Total number of stations*
Belgium 275 469
France 585 669
Germany 1037 2808
Italy 2484 2484
Luxembourg 30 66
Netherlands 297 717
Norway 251 251
UK 1088 3382

With our extended third-party network of service stations, you'll get access to around 11,300 sites in 15 countries including Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Spain. So wherever in these countries your drivers are, they won't have to travel far to find a service station that accepts Esso Card™.

You'll also find specialist facilities for trucks in key locations. Facilities include dedicated lanes, raised canopies, high-speed diesel pumps and separate parking.

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Use our Fuel Finder to search for Esso sites and plan your route

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You can also download our Fuel Finder app

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Collect Tesco Clubcard Points with Esso

Your drivers can now collect Tesco Clubcard points on purchases of Petrol and Diesel at more than 900 Esso service stations nationwide. Esso fuels are renowned for their quality and value and Clubcard points offer drivers even greater incentive to fill-up at Esso.

For more information about earning Clubcard points with Esso fuel purchases, visit www.esso.co.uk/loyalty-program.

Please note that it is not possible for businesses to have a Clubcard account.

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